Top Tweets – UnitedHealth: Shakeout or Shakedown?

UnitedHealth dropped a bombshell this week when it announced it had lost $425 million on #ACA plans and might exit the Obamacare exchanges next time around.  Other insurers signaled they were in distress, too.  This follows the demise of 12 ACA co-ops, money-losing ideological miscreants that deserved to die.  Other insurers (e.g., Molina) think their exchange book of business can stay profitable, so maybe this is just a shakeout where the strongest and most committed survive. But it’s starting to look increasingly like a shakedown.  Some observers expect the health insurance industry and the Obama administration to lobby Congress ferociously for bailouts in the months ahead. Some insurers eat exchange losses because they more than make it up on managed care contracts but, as some are finding, those aren’t always profitable either.  Health insurers made a deal with the devil when they sold our freedom down the river and chose to support the passage of Obamacare, but a day of reckoning is coming where they will demand that you the taxpayers save their bacon, if not their soul. #NoBailouts

O-admin quietly promises insurers bailouts for exchange losses after UnitedHealth threatens to exit

UnitedHealth cuts profit forecast; #ACA exchange plan suckers not the goldmine co. expected. #BewareSubsidyRisk

UnitedHealth: people are dropping insurance after running up big bills. #RubeGoldbergRules

Unsustainable: “carriers losing money did so at a rate eight times greater than the carriers making money”

30 not-for-profit Blue Cross and Blue Shield insurers “barely break-even” for the first half of 2015.

Anthem and Cigna also sending distress signals re #ACA exchange business. Big rate increases not enough.

Cheapest silver plan not returning in 89 markets. #NoYouCan’tKeepYourPlan

SHOP small biz exchange viability questioned; ‘never made sense’. #ObamacareIsDoomed

Medicaid expansion blows $47M hole in New Mexico state budget; hole grows to $100M for at least the next 3 years

HCA to settle shareholder suit for $215M; overstated Medicaid revenue prospects. #BewareSubsidyRisk

Insurers thot they could make up exchange losses w/managed care contracts. WellCare to lose $$ on Iowa contract. Insurers–joke’s on you LOL!

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RATE SHOCK – Hikes Average 7.5-13% for 2016!

Comment: Had you heard our new Obamacare masters boasting their 2015′s average Unaffordable Act hike was 7%?  Seen that  shocker splashed across the New York Times?  We thought not.  That’s why we’re here, speaking truth to power.  2016′s increases are even worse.

The Obama “free-slavery”(tm) exchanges (covering just a fraction of Americans) are the first to experience actual Obamacare.  They’re showing the rest of America what lies ahead: higher prices, less choice, and kiss your plan good bye.  As predicted.

“An Avalere Health analysis of the data found that the lowest-cost silver plan will increase by about 13% (Demko, Politico, 10/30).”

“Meanwhile, federal officials last month said premiums for the second-lowest-cost silver plans … will increase by an average of 7.5% (California Healthline, 10/27).”

“Further, a McKinsey analysis released last week found that:

Premiums for the lowest-cost silver-level plans sold for 2016 will increase on average by 11%, compared with an average increase of 7% for 2015 plans; and …

2016 ACA Exchange Plans Have Higher Premiums, Smaller Networks
Thursday, November 12, 2015

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Obamacare, the Rate-Shocking Choice Mutilator

Comment: The horrors of WWII left traumatized soldiers shell-shocked.  Under Obamacare, zombie-like individual-plan buyers have been wandering the countryside in a stupor, rate-shocked.

Now that Obamacare’s swept-under-the-rug and delayed pain is finally arriving for small companies, they are starting to enjoy the same stupefying rate-shock and loss of choice.  Large companies and unions are next.

““We’re seeing companies get letters from the (insurance) carriers with rates for 2016 that are, in some cases, 30 percent to 100 percent higher,” Gussin said. “This year, I am having to see literally every small-group client and talk to them about their options.””

“Gussin said many of his clients were in PPO plans because those offer more service choices, “but I just can’t give them that level of choice at the price they are willing to pay,” Gussin said.”

When you hear that adding bureaucrats, free-riders, paperwork, and taxes makes something cheaper (Obamacare), you know you’re at the northern end of a south-bound horse.  Here we see that when Obamacare’s slave-owners tell you people are saving money, it’s because the new rates are so high they are being forced to drop benefits…

“In some cases, Goldstein said, employees will actually pay somewhat lower monthly premiums when moving from their grandmothered plan to one that meets Obamacare prerequisites.”

“This is because most workers going through the switch tend to choose coverage rated at the silver level, which pays for about 70 percent of their medical expenses. Their previous plans had offered gold-level benefits with higher premiums but somewhat lower copays and deductibles.” (emphasis added)

Oh, and that teaser vote-getting Obamacare rate for covering your adult children?  That’s over now too…

“There is one area where rates are sure to increase for 2016, Goldstein said. For the first time, he said, health insurance companies are treating grown children still on their parents’ insurance plans as a discrete group.”

“Because of this change, if you’re covering your kids in college, your rates are going to go up significantly,” Goldstein said.

Premium pain for ‘grandmothered’ health plans
By Paul Sisson | 2:33 p.m. Nov. 11, 2015

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Top Tweets – Top News

Cheapest plans on rising ave 11% for 2016. #LIARS #WheresMy2500

Can’t keep your doctor – Loss of PPOs due to #ACA preexisting condition coverage mandate. #TailWaggingTheDog

State exchanges can’t account for $3.2 billion in federal grant money

CMS may have known about illegal use of federal grant money by state exchanges

“Study: Cancer Outcomes Worse Among Medi-Cal Beneficiaries”. Why aren’t outcomes better after spending gazillions?

Medicaid expansion debunked: “States that expanded Medicaid have not even seen higher healthcare industry employment”

“no evidence here that Medicaid expansion led to stronger employment growth in states that expanded Medicaid”

Christian groups say proposed #ACA rule would make them pay for abortions

NY #CoOpFlop founded by Obama crony who received $528M to start 3 co-ops, two of which failed

#CoOpFlop losses being passed to commercial insurers in #ACA failure contagion

740,000 #CoOpFlop victims. YOU did this. How does it feel to know you caused so many people so much pain? Your stupid policies hurt people.

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Take a Vacation from Obamacare and Save a Bundle

You can free-ride uninsured for two months each year with little risk and no penalty.

There’s no individual mandate penalty for being uninsured if it’s for less than two months.  So cancel it every year for two months, and save two months’ premiums each year.

Section 1501 of the UnAffordable Abomination Act says you owe the penalty for every month you are uninsured, except

“Any month the last day of which occurred during a period
in which the applicable individual was not covered by
minimum essential coverage for a continuous period of
less than 3 months.”
1501 (e)(4)(A)

Translating the legal mumbo-jumbo into plain English, your helpful government wants you to know:

“You don’t have to pay the fee for any month you’re covered by a plan that qualifies as minimum essential coverage. If you’re uncovered only 1 or 2 months, you don’t have to pay the fee for any month.”

So, there’s no penalty for a single lapse of two months.

Here’s how one woman does it:

“On October 30, two days before 2016 open enrollment, she called her health insurer and canceled her coverage for the rest of 2015. She reasoned the $778 she will save by dropping coverage for two months would be well worth the risk. Her coverage gap would only last two months, so she will not have to pay a penalty. In a few days she could sign up again for coverage to begin January 1.”

 So take a vacation from Obamacare, and don’t forget to send us a postcard.

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CBO Halves Obamacare Enroll/Enslave-ment Target

Comment: No, the Death Spiral is not an artificial planet inhabited by Darth Vader, it’s a dreaded type of insurance market collapse, and it’s here.

With too few normal people signing up for Obamacare’s mandated low-quality over-priced insurance, and only the sick and the poor on board, there aren’t enough healthy cows for Obamacare to milk. This group of poor and sick people costs more, which means rates on the Obamacare slavery exchange must rise to cover them, causing more healthy people to quit, causing premiums and deductibles to rise even more.  Rinse, lather, repeat.

“The goal of 10 million signs-ups is significantly lower than what the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) predicted in June, when it estimated 20 million people would enroll next year.”

“Around 33 million remained without health insurance at the end of 2014, just over 10 percent of the U.S. population, according to Census Bureau data.”

“The White House says the enrollment targets are not a cause for concern.”

President warns of ‘misinformation’ during ObamaCare enrollment
By Jordan Fabian – 11/04/15 05:04 PM EST

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Top Tweets – ACA Failing Everywhere You Look

It’s not just co-op flops -

Mich co-op history; > half the co-ops gone; O-admin talks of ‘batting average’ while real people scramble for plans

Regulators shut down Arizona co-op; 11th to fall; $78 million lost; 50,000 customers scrambling for new plans

NY failed co-op in worse financial shape than let on in state filings; regulators mum

SHOP exchange floundering – only 85K of expected 1M signed up; hi prices, little choice, roll-out problems.

Aetna exits DC, Utah, Kansas exchanges. #ItsNotWorking

Exchange insurers losing $163 per enrollee; this can’t last without more corporate welfare. #ItsGettingCrazier

‘Impossible’ SSNs no obstacle to buying #ACA plans in GAO sting

Real-life monthly premium spikes: $150 in 2013. $355 in 2015. $471 in 2016. What will it be in 2017?

More #ACA-induced trauma: “California fines top health insurers for overstating Obamacare networks

Some docs refuse exchange plans citing paperwork, low reimbursement, risk patients scamming 90-day nonpayment period

“Texas docs plead for relief from ‘meaningless abuse’” of EHR Stage 3 requirements

Our brilliant masters in D.C. overestimated number of #ACA customers and underestimated number of Medicaid recipients. YOU ARE A JOKE – LOL!


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Co-ops Cease Ops, 740,000 Lose Plans

Comment: Obamacare-unwisdom said Gruberized non-profit co-ops would eliminate over-charging by “evil” insurers.

OCTS readers will be glad to know the co-ops have avoided profits so successfully that most of them are already dead, taking loads of your health care money with them!  Meanwhile, insurers are losing money despite premiums that have sky-rocketed since the Unaffordable Act’s cruel imposition.

“[Michigan's] co-op becomes the 12th plan to fail in the past year — and the ninth this fall — out of the 23 that opened at the start of 2014. The plans have offered an alternative, consumer-oriented type of coverage that the ACA envisioned as competition for traditional health insurers.”

“The dozen collapses will disrupt insurance for 740,000 individuals and small-business employees, who are being instructed by state and federal officials to choose new plans in time for them to take effect in January.”

More than half of ACA co-ops now out of insurance marketplaces
By Amy Goldstein November 3, 2015

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ObamaCo-Ops Crash and Burn, Victims Lose Plans

Comment: Government-conjured Co-Ops are Co-Flopping across the country. (Our friendly reporter blames this on the government not bailing them out (yeah, that’s a ‘free market’), but the actual cause is that the politicians running ObamUnCare pressed these weak companies to sell at a loss to fool you about Obamacare’s actual cost.  These companies complied, expecting a bailout under the table, but Obamacare Grubered* them!)

(*) Gruber, v. To swindle, mislead, or otherwise take advantage of the American voter.  From Prof. Jonathan Gruber, Obamacare mastermind.

UPDATE – At this writing, there have been 12 #CoOpFlops, bilking American taxpayers out of $1.3 billion and leaving 740,000 de-planned victims in their wake. YOU CAN KEEP YOUR PLAN!

“This month alone, four co-ops in Colorado, Kentucky, Tennessee and Oregon have announced that they were folding. They join four others in Iowa, Louisiana, Nevada and New York that had already collapsed or planned to shut down. The eight co-ops, which received nearly $900 million in federal loans, had more than 500,000 customers.”

How an insurance startup’s slowdown is disrupting the Illinois marketplace

Ameet Sachdev, Reporter, Chicago Tribune, Oct. 23, 2015
October 23, 2015 14:11:00CDT
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Blue Cross Bails from WI ObamUnCare Slavery Exchange

Comment: Can you keep your plan now, Wisconsin?

(Why do we call it a “slavery exchange?”  Well, what would you call a “marketplace” that forces human beings to buy something they don’t want with money they worked hard to earn?  Anti-American?  Yes. Tyrannical?  Undeniably.  Free Market?  Oh please, save that for Chairman Mao…)

(WBAY)– Anthem, the Blue Cross and Blue Shield (BCBS) licensee in Wisconsin, has decided to completely pull out of the health care exchange (individual plans) market place in Milwaukee, Racine and Kenosha counties starting January. Anthem is also significantly cutting back on the number of available exchange plans in 34 Wisconsin counties, which include the Fox Valley, according to Scott Larrivee, Public Relations Director at Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Wisconsin.

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield cuts individual plans from health exchange in parts of Wisconsin

WAOW, Monday, October 26, 2015 11:46 PM EDT

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