Trending: Who Hates Obamacare?

‘Who Hates Obamacare?’ caught fire on Twitter last night.  We re-tweeted several:

Who Hates Obamacare ? People who work for themselves and have to pay insane premiums. …

Who Hates Obamacare You can keep your doctor. Except when you can’t. Lost all doctors b/c they wouldn’t take piece-of-crap ACA plan. Fail.

Who hates Obamacare? Literally all us hard working Americans who didn’t need or want it in the first place!

Who Hates #Obamacare? The same sane red-blooded Americans who would hate its enslaving control of their lives if it were named #HillaryCare.

Who Hates Obamacare? Obviously the President and Congress since they won’t sign up. #justsaying

Who hates Obamacare is trending on Twitter. Unfortunately, my doctors hate Obamacare, one retiring early as a result. #whohatesobamacare

Who Hates Obamacare? Anyone who’s studied socialized healthcare elsewhere, of course! >> …

Michelle Malkin:
Oh, look. Krugman wants everyone whose benefits/access to doctors/plan have been cut/killed by Obamacare to shut up

Who Hates Obamacare? I do! If it was so great…they wouldn’t have to mandate it and tax people for not being able to afford it.

Who Hates Obamacare? The 85% of the population that had better insurance before Obamacare

Who Hates ObamaCare??? Any one who Loves Free Choice in Health Care and Life. #OpposeObamaCare #whohatesobamacare

who hates obamacare? me, a former dem that voted obama 2x but likes privacy, can’t afford it & hates usg spying on americans.

Obamacare Truth Squad Commentary:
BREAKING: Average American who hates Obamacare doesn’t know anything about healthcare policy.
OCTS: Policy, shmolicy – I am sorry you have to believe in #Obamacare so strongly you can’t see all the damage it’s doing.

‘Who hates Obamacare?’ Everybody hates #Obamacare.



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Covered California’s Lead Gruber, Apoplectic

Comment: We here at the OCTS are beyond amused to see CoverCA’s top health-slavery official moaning, wailing, and lashing out at UnitedHealth Group. UHC’s offense? Balking at throwing $500 million a year into his parasitic organization. Delightfully, UHC’s self-survival savvy has California’s Gruber-in-Chief holding his breath and stomping his feet.  For a delicious dose of pajama-freude, read on…

“”Instead of saying, ‘We screwed up,’ they said, ‘Obamacare is the problem and we may not play anymore,’” said Peter Lee, executive director of Covered California, the state’s health benefit exchange. “It was giving an excuse to Wall Street and throwing the Affordable Care Act under the bus.”"

“ACA exchange problems are nothing new for UnitedHealth. In November, the insurer threatened to leave the exchanges due to financial losses. Mr. Lee, a former official in the Obama administration, said UnitedHealth only has itself to blame for its $475 million loss on individual policies in 2015, according to the report. For 2016, the insurer estimated a loss of $500 million on individual policies.”


“However, now UnitedHealth is “driving me bonkers,” Mr. Lee said, according to the report. It has “fed this political frenzy that Obamacare doesn’t work. It’s total spin and unanchored in reality.”"

Covered California director: UnitedHealth is ‘driving me bonkers’
by Erin Marshall | February 03, 2016

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Top Tweets – Readers’ Choice

Here are our most popular tweets from the last seven days:

Anthem says it will probably hike #ACA premiums next year, believes others still not charging their fair share

Average #Obamacare premium up 9%. #ItsNotWorking

#Obamacare needs liposuction – growth in per capita health spending spikes under #ACA

Pegging tax credits to 2nd-lowest Silver plan causes higher percentage increases in costs for low-income enrollees.

O-admin has repeatedly broken the law in implementing the #ACA. If you like your #RuleOfLaw, YOU CAN’T KEEP IT.

CBO: enrollment to peak at 16M, far fewer than number who could not keep their plan or had rate hikes or fines

ANDY SLAVITT: CMS Monitored Exchange Eligibility. REALILTY: Fake Applicants Re-Enrolled.
h/t @FreedomPartners

Virginia Gov. McAuliffe Muffs Medicaid Expansion Questioning – Round 3: Exploding Enrollment and Costs

Job-killing #Obamacare requirements slam firms with 50-99 workers; progs calling for repeal

Anthem profit falls; #Obamacare costs too hi, cutting margins. #BewareSubsidyRisk

I hear the train wreck comin’. Rollin’ ‘round the bend. And I ain’t seen sunshine, since I don’t know when. I’m stuck in #ACA prison and…



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Vermont Gov: Tax Doctors to Cover Medicaid Expansion Deficit

Comment: Ask not for whom the Medicaid Expansion bell tolls; it tolls for thee.

“MONTPELIER — Gov. Peter Shumlin is looking to address a deficit in the state’s Medicaid program by expanding a tax on health care providers in the $1.5 billion 2017 fiscal year budget proposal he revealed Thursday.” [...]

“The biggest chunk of new revenue, under Shumlin’s proposal, would be raised by expanding an existing provider assessment to independent doctors who operate outside the umbrella of a hospital and to dentists. Shumlin also decried the loss of Vermont’s independent doctors.”

“Currently, only hospitals and the doctors they employ and nursing homes are subject to the 6 percent assessment. Shumlin’s plan expands the assessment to the additional health care providers at a lesser rate of 2.35 percent. The $17 million in new revenue would be matched by $20 million in federal funds.”

“That money will be used to help offset a $55 million shortfall in the Medicaid program. The state-federal program is in the red after it was expanded under the federal Affordable Care Act. About 200,000 Vermonters — one-third of the state — are now on some form of Medicaid.”

Shumlin targets provider assessments
By Neal P. Goswami
VERMONT PRESS BUREAU | January 22,2016

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The Games People Play (Top Tweets from the Obamacare Truth Squad)

Whole lotta gaming going on; existential threat to #ACA from sick people running up bills & ditching out, not paying

Ways to Defraud Medicaid #142 – use day care center to sign up ineligibles for long-term care ($47M).

VT Guv proposes more provider tax shell games to close $55 million Medicaid expansion shortfall

Slavitt admits HHS “blew it”, kept writing check to co-ops despite knowing they were hemorrhaging money

$1B – price tag for O-admin proceeding with #ACA even though it knew it could not verify tax credit eligibility 

HHS knew it was opening with bugs and security issues (saw train wreck coming) 

#LIARS in WVa: Medicaid ‘not welfare’, ‘bridge to middle class’, ‘insurers rarely offer long term care plans’

House GOP issues subpoena related to unappropriated cost sharing subsidies

Illinois co-op drops academic hospital from network AFTER people sign up. #ObamacareIsBetter

UK single-payer system gives private coverage to officials hired to reduce ‘health inequalities’ in system.

Tea Party Youth ‏@TeaPartyYouth
The top 50 hospitals that gouge patients the most  via @postgraphics

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Top News Stories (tweets from the Obamacare Truth Squad)

The President’s veto denies 22 million people better healthcare.

Emails show feds tried to subject as many religious organizations as possible to contraceptive mandate

#ACA age 26 mandate cuts paychecks of ALL w/employer plans by $1,200 whether have kids or not

Only 26% of enrollees are young adults, far short of the 40% needed to avoid death spiral

Humana expected to leave #Obamacare exchanges next year

Wheels coming off – “Fifty-plus insurers nationwide are exiting the exchanges”

“Going bare” – estimated 7M Americans find #Obamacare just too expensive, despite subsidies

#Obamacare needs liposuction – growth in per capita health spending spikes under #ACA

Kentucky to dismantle state exchange. #AnotherObamacareFail

Gaming the Employer Mandate #5 – offer hi-deductible insurance your employees don’t want

Gaming the Employer Mandate #4 – ‘voluntarily’ work less than 30 hours to get exchange subsidies

#CronyAlert – #Obamacare Architect Zeke Emanuel cashes in, joins venture cap firm (still hopes to die at 75?)

Did you know Medicaid has a Lottery Loophole? Lump sum payout counted as income only in month it is received

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2015: The Year These Big Obamcare Lies Came Home to Roost

Lie #1. KEEP YOUR PLAN: Remember how you’d be able to keep your plans? That was before Obamacare made them untenable…
“Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona has changed all of the plans it offers through from preferred provider organization (PPO) to health maintenance organization (HMO) plans.”

Lie #2. AFFORDABILITY: Remember how the President said the unAffordable Act would let you keep everything you had,  just save you money?
The costs for individuals is unbelievable,” he said. “We’ve seen some very, very high premiums. I haven’t seen an increase this big in the 20 years I’ve been working in the industry.

“Some individuals have seen premium increases of more than 20 percent and some businesses have seen 40 to 60 percent increases, Gussio said.”

“According to a Kaiser Foundation poll of 1,202 adults between the ages of 18 and 64, 46 percent said they tried to get health insurance but found it was too expensive, even with government subsidies.”

Lie #3. INCREASED COMPETITION and CHOICE: Remember how this colossal takeover was going to increase competition and choice?
“The increases are partially due to the number of health insurance companies that are going under or are merging with other companies, he said.”

Lie #4. AMERICANS WILL LOVE IT: Remember how everyone was going to love this bearded platypus? Americans consider the penalty a bargain, compared to being ripped-off  for a useless Obamacare policy.
“Many people are saying they would rather pay the penalty for not having insurance at all rather than pay $1,400 a month for insurance they may not use, Gussio said.”

“Businesses with 50 or more employees are also looking at paying the penalty rather than purchasing health insurance for their employees, Gussio said. ”

Remember when the Dept. of Health and inHuman Service pishawed suggestions that Obamacare’s price-tag would have employers dumping their employees into its unAffordable (taxpayer-subsidized) health gulags, a.k.a. “exchanges”…?
“In some cases, it’s cheaper to pay [the] $2,000 per employee [fine] per year and give them the money to buy through the Exchange than it is for the larger employer to purchase a plan, he said.”

Obamacare options contracting and getting more expensive
December 27, 2015 6:45 am  •  SUZANNE ADAMS-OCKRASSA Sun Staff Reporter

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Top Tweets – Top News Stories

Thank you, Congress, for putting a repeal bill on the President’s desk.

Coming up: The President’s veto denies 22 million people better healthcare.

House GOP, don’t pat yourselves on the back. End the ‘small business’ flim-flam & repeal your #Obamacare exemption

Enrollment figures inflated; includes those who will never pay. Still less than half original projections.

New rule turns doctors into federal agents and gun grabbers

Little Sisters tell SCOTUS ‘ridiculous gov’t can’t supply contraceptives w/o involving nuns & their health plans’

Job-killing #Obamacare requirements slam firms with 50-99 workers; progs calling for repeal

#MissionCreep CMS to spend $157M on housing, food, utilities, domestic violence for Medicaid recipients

Prog study: lower income paying 10-20% of their income on #ObamaCare AFTER subsidies

 #Obamacare #WhackaMole continues as some insurers offer ‘free’ doctor visits.

“Colorado’s #Obamacare Marketplace Didn’t Check Applicants’ Eligibility”

Vermont faces $30-40M Medicaid budget shortfall FY16, grows to $50-60M FY17; must raise taxes or cut benefits.

 If opposition to #Obamacare is ‘extreme’ by your standards, then to hell with your standards.

Let the control freak #masterminds who want to engineer all of healthcare play in a real sandbox instead of messing with our lives.

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Exposing the Hospitals’ ‘Uncompensated Care’ Lie

How Hospital Bills Have Gotten So Far Out of Hand, and Who Profits

Comment:  Dr. Keith Smith, M.D., co-founder of the Surgery Center of Oklahoma, explains in plain language how hospitals’ bills have gotten so far out of hand, and how the insurance industry, brokers, and the hospitals themselves all benefit from an unholy collusion, at Americans’ expense.

“We opened the Surgery Center of Oklahoma in May of 1997 and knew within two months that the highest quality of care–with a full staff–was not only possible, but could be accomplished profitably for about a tenth of what these so-called not-for-profit hospitals were charging patients.”


“The Big Lie was that hospitals were struggling financially due to all the uninsured folks utilizing their emergency rooms, leading to what we all know as ‘cost-shifting.’  I’ve written about this lie extensively, and we all now know that the hospitals get paid, even when they ‘don’t get paid.’  In fact, to the extent that they claim that they don’t get paid, they get paid more.

This is ‘uncompensated care.’  This is the ‘uncompensated care’ system they don’t want anybody to talk about.  A gift from Uncle Sam, and one which happens to be the engine for giant hospital bill creation.  I would never have understood the various lies conjured up by the hospitals to maintain the fiction of their not-for-profit status, had I not owned and operated my own medical facility.”

14 minute video [link]

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Top Tweets – Rotten to the Core

Lies, trickery, deceit, concealment, misdirection. The many ways Obamacare betrays your trust, like a lover who cheats on you, didn’t end when the law was signed in 2010. The corruption continues to this day and WILL NOT EVER END, because Obamacare is corrupt to its core and corrupts everyone who comes into contact with it.

#CronyAlert – fraud-ridden, Andy Slavitt-tied Optum unit gets big no-bid, sole source, open-ended HHS contract

Andy Slavitt slammed for making imprecise, misleading statements about #ACA coverage gains, healthcare spending

Now Gruber tells us: “We were excited … but … rates coming in so far below projections was not sustainable”

Cost-concealing provisions scheduled to expire; premiums will jump another 12.1% (we were low-balled by shysters)

#Obamacare for 2016: fewer choices, higher prices. 600 fewer plans to choose from.

Next time u r tempted to say ‘u can keep your plan’– don’t. We need a safe space from your lies and a trigger warning u r about to lie again

More lies: ‘free’ #ACA checkups not really free; patients surprised w/bills for asking questions. #LIARS

DSH dollars being diverted away from hospitals and being spent elsewhere. #MissionCreep

Not only does Hillary Clinton now admit #Obamacare pushing people to part-time work, she ‘worries’ about it.

#TBT – Stupidity of the American Policymaker. #Gruber’s Greatest Hits in 2-min video montage. Watch #PelosiSputter.

The corrupt means used to pass #Obamacare – lies, dirty deals, coercion – guaranteed it would never reach noble ends.

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