Still Dysfunctional After All These Years

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Much of the United States could see zero or few Obamacare insurers selling health coverage next year

94 of Iowa’s 99 Counties have just one Obamacare plan for 2018

Almost 2 million fail to pay Obamacare premiums, drop off. Cost a major factor.

Insurers seeking ave 20% ACA price increases in 10 states

“Obamacare rates in Michigan could skyrocket as much as 31% in 2018”

Iowa says it needs $352 million in federal money to stave off Obamacare collapse. #ItsNotWorking

ACA unpopular: “Obamacare Enrollees Rate Coverage Worse Than Those Insured From Another Source”

Obama Program Made $729 Million in Erroneous EHR Payments to Doctors

Washington’s top-down ACA-enabled EHR program a $27 billion fiasco.  And we had plenty of warning.

Uncertainty about insurer subsidies lays bare true cost of Obamacare monstrosity (2% rate hike becomes 15%)

Oregon House wants to extort Washington with new provider tax gimmicks to fund Medicaid

State spending for Medicaid expansion to reach $8.5B in 2018, up $4B from 2016

Republicans in Michigan House want Medicaid expansion freeze to deal with enrollment explosion

It’s delusional to think Washington can fund Medicaid expansion at 90% even over the next 30 years

Obamacare incentivizes states to prioritize Medicaid expansion for able-bodied adults instead of disabled

Medicaid expansion prioritizes childless able-bodied adults over the elderly, disabled, and children.

Now is the time to get rid of the Obamacare death panel.

“5 Ways Obamacare Proves That Government-Run Health Care Is a Disaster” – higher costs, less choice, canceled plans

Here’s your Obamacare welfare subsidy. Would you like food stamps with that?

If Obamacare helped you, great, but realize that Obamacare hurt two other people to do it.


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Groundhog Day: Rate Hikes and Dead Zones

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Anthem leaves Ohio ACA exchange – 20 more Obamacare ‘dead zones’ created.

Two Washington State counties stranded – no ACA insurer.  #ItsNotWorking

More ACA dead zones likely in Missouri, Iowa, rural areas, etc.

“Obamacare Insurer Participation Declines 24 Percent in 2017”

NY tries to prevent insurers from leaving ACA by threatening expulsion from other gov’t health programs. #Amerika

Obamacare Truth Squad predicted years ago gov’ts would tell insurers ‘stay in ACA or lose all gov’t contracts. It’s happening in NY.

“NH insurer seeks 30% rate hike”–20170606

“New York Insurers Seek Rate Hikes as High as 47% for Obamacare Policies in 2018”

Maine insurer seeks ave 40% hikes on ACA plans

New unknown for remaining insurers: how sick are the people who switch b/c former insurer left ACA?

The people responsible for ACA’s triple-digit premium increases are the people who supported ACA.

Obamacare taxes have cost jobs, hurt middle class, and raised premiums.

Medicaid: fraud-ridden budget-buster that doesn’t expand access or improve health outcomes

Ballooning Medicaid costs provoke budget crises in states around the country.

Medicaid expansion hurts people with disabilities – IL and OH cut access to expand to able-bodied

Myth: ‘fee-for-service payment is inflationary’. Not so for roof repairs, computers, legal services.

Bundled payments (Value Based Payments) have led to horrendous inflation in cost of higher education

Hospital uncompensated care negligible problem until health policy wonks seized on it to justify universal ins

“I am now paying for a healthcare coverage that’s essentially unusable.” Premiums tripled, deductible doubled

Craig and Cindy Williams have seen their ACA out-of-pocket costs rise 70%; now their policy is being canceled.

I’m glad Obamacare is helping you, but it’s hurting lots of other people.


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Bad News: No Train Wreck Left Behind

BCBS exits Nebraska exchange, leaving one insurer.

“Trump Drafts Rule to Overturn Obama Mandate Forcing Little Sisters of the Poor to Fund Abortions”

“Small Businesses Look for Relief from Obamacare Employer Mandate, Restaurateur Says”

Thanks to ACA, if you are hired part-time, you stay part-time.

New rules allow individuals and small businesses to use online brokers instead of

Support for ACA’s community rating plummets when poll includes higher costs, taxes, reduced quality for all.

Corral the doctors, control the people – “less than half of physicians are independent”. Thanks, ACA

Another study casts doubt on ACA ‘preventive care saves money’ assumption

EHR co. fined $155M for faulty software, fraud, kickbacks. (ACA never about healthcare; follow the money)

How many ACA cheerleaders will defend Obamacare when single-payer debate comes? Not many. So don’t t take anything they say seriously today.

Medicaid spending rises – is not ‘slashed’ – under Trump budget.

Louisiana lawmakers vote to become more dependent on federal money to fix Medicaid expansion train wreck

Illinois should freeze enrollment to fix Illinois Medicaid expansion train wreck

Medicaid not meant t/b permanent substitute for work. Supposed t/b temporary. Good goal – people off rolls.

Inconvenient truth – Obamacare was failing long before Trump came along



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Bad News: Fiddling While Rome Burns

Magical thinking: CBO score once again relies on individual mandate to herd people into Obamacare.

Fake news: ‘CBO: 23M to lose coverage under GOP bill’. No, large bulk not currently covered.

HHS: cost of individual health insurance has doubled on average since 2013

Alabama hardest hit by ACA price increases – up 223% 2013-2017, more than twice national average

‘The average family will save $2,500’. Remember that one? That was a good one.  #StrategicLying #WheresMy2500

Price increases in New Hampshire: ACA ‘obviously failing working people, doing far more harm than good.’

BCBS-Kansas City flees ACA exchanges after losing $110M; 25 Missouri counties have no ACA insurer.

Insurer leaves Idaho exchange

Consumers can buy ACA plans directly from brokers and insurers w/o having to go to Train Wreck Central

What if they gave a train wreck and nobody came? How many billions of dollars have been wasted on Obamacare catastrophe?

Rand Paul: “big-hearted, small-brain syndrome” – worse off if destroy country by helping people

Oregon Medicaid pays out millions to people it has no idea whether they’re eligible.

Louisiana train wreck coming; Medicaid expansion population now 428,000, blew past 375,000 projection.$368m.html


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Bad News: ACA Price Increases Outta Sight

Obamacare supporters’ latest entry in the ‘Lie of the Year’ contest: ‘It’s Trump that made Obamacare prices go up.’ Nice try. They’ll say anything to keep this national disaster in place.

Not a single price hike below the rate of inflation.

Maryland Obamacare price increases range from 9-53%

Oregon Obamacare price increases average 17%

Average New York Obamacare price increase 16.6%

Connecticut Obamacare insurers seek 15-34% premium increases

Virginia Obamacare price hikes as high as 179%

“Obamacare: 49-percent price hike since 2014”

Beverly Gossage‏ @bghsa 19h19 hours ago
Chart comparing health ins premium progression from 2009 to 2016 … #Repeal @IWV @ObamacreTrthSqd @SenPatRoberts

Obamacare supporters pretend ACA working fine before Nov election and insurers are to blame for latest price hikes. Good luck with that.

Bill comes due for California Medicaid: $1.3B first year. ‘Won’t be easy to make up….’ #ThePartyIsOver

Bill coming due for Kasich’s kalamitous Medicaid expansion in Ohio; state on hook for $4-14B over next 8 yrs

Arkansas confesses error: Medicaid expansion unsustainable. Kicks 60,000 off program, impose work requirement

$1.6 billion budget shortfall forces discussion of Medicaid expansion retrenchment in Oregon.

Consumers can buy ACA plans directly from brokers and insurers w/o having to go to Train Wreck Central

Small businesses can buy ACA plans directly from insurers, skip Obamacare marketplace. #ItsNotWorking

“My husband would’ve died with Obamacare”

Barbaric ACA supporter tries to run GOP lawmaker off road, praised by other barbarians.

Aetna withdraws from Obamacare completely.


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It’s Official, Obamacare Has Doubled Premiums In Just Three Years

Comment: Data from, the nation’s largest online health insurance broker, indicate that their average non-subsidized premium has increased 99% for an individual since the “Affordable” Care Act took effect, and 140% for the average family.

Remember the excuses?  Remember when we were told Obamacare would save us $2,500 a year?  That we could keep our plans?  And then told our premiums were going up more slowly than ever before, even as our bills skyrocketed?  And then told the policies we could not keep were “bad apple” policies, anyhow?

Starting with its website launch October 1, 2013 (the largest I.T. disaster in the history of the world), cancelling people’s preferred plans, doubling premiums for people who pay, and loading millions of Americans into unsustainable federal dependency programs, the unAffordable Care Act has proved even worse than its more ardent detractors could’ve ever imagined.

The Obamacare Truth Squad advocates for the re-legalization of catastrophic insurance (banned under Obamacare) as an affordable consumer option. Obamacare is a care catastrophe, instead. That’s not what we meant, government!

“MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Jan. 23, 2017– Today eHealth, Inc. (NASDAQ: EHTH) (, the nation’s first and largest private online health insurance exchange, released an analysis of individual and family health insurance shopping trends for the first two months of the 2017 open enrollment period. [...]

eHealth’s analysis provides an aggregated, anonymized examination of individual and family health insurance premiums and deductibles for plans selected by eHealth shoppers not receiving government subsidies under the ACA from November 1 through December 31, 2016. It also includes demographic information on shoppers and a review of individual and family costs previously published by eHealth since 2008. [...]

Individual coverage highlights

  • Average individual premium: $393 per month for an individual not receiving subsidies in the first two months of the 2017 open enrollment period
  • In 2013, the year before major Obamacare provisions came into effect, the average individual premium was $197 per month
  • Between 2013 and the first two months of the 2017 open enrollment period, average individual premiums have increased 99%

Family coverage highlights

  • Average family premium: $1,021 per month for a family not receiving subsidies in the first two months of the 2017 open enrollment period
  • In 2013, the year before major Obamacare provisions came into effect, the average family’s premium was $426 per month
  • Between the end of 2013 and the first two months of the 2017 open enrollment period, average family premiums have increased 140%”

Average Individual Health Insurance Premiums Increased 99% Since 2013, the Year Before Obamacare, & Family Premiums Increased 140%, According to Shopping Data Investor Relations, Jan. 23, 2017

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Bad News: Who Will Speak for Obamacare’s Victims?

“I haven’t seen an ob/gyn in three years because we can’t afford insurance.” #ObamacareTrainWreck

“It’s cheaper to pay out of pocket than to pay for insurance.” #ItsNotWorking

Obamacare plans would cost 20% more if we stopped hiding the ball w/subsidies. #WrongDirection

“Thousands of Obamacare Customers Left Without Options as Insurers Bolt”

“Patients can’t find docs who take FL Medicaid” – “I feel so helpless”

Protections for preexisting conditions were in place before Obamacare (employer, HIPAA, hi risk pools)

Price of pre-Obamacare plans with preexisting conditions coverage similar to price of ACA plans today

House GOP leaders move to cut lawmaker Obamacare exemption from repeal bill (talk about tone deaf, wow!)

Trump appears to break campaign promise, will continue to defend HHS contraception mandate

Arkansas plan would revert eligibility back from 138 to 100% of poverty to fix Medicaid expansion fiscal disaster.

Doctor explains how Obamacare, ‘healthcare is a right’ chased her out of medicine

“Running The Numbers On Mortality Rates Suggests Obamacare Could Be Killing People”

Obamacare is working out as well as Prohibition did. #GreatAmericanDisasters



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Bad News: Obamacare Insurers on Endangered Species List

“Here’s how many insurers ditched each state’s Obamacare exchanges in 2017”

O-admin launched train wreck despite security warnings from contractor.

Congress should not exempt itself from replacement bill like it did in ACA if it wants to win 2018 elections.

So what if Obamacare ‘increases access’? New study shows it has had ZERO impact on overall health.

Expanded access a chimera; more healthcare little effect b/c Personal Determinants of Health 90% of the picture

Hollywood writers pumped Obamacare, but screaming in contract talks about health benefits facing insolvency

Heresy! Oregon Dems float end to Medicaid expansion to deal with $1.6B deficit. #YouAskedForThisMess

Medicaid expansionistas spreading lie Ohio cost overrun an ‘anomaly’. Sorry, costs blew up everywhere.

Health sharing ministries can now operate in Montana; not ‘insurance’

T-admin should modify ACA’s misguided Medical Loss Ratio (MLR) rules that drive premiums higher

T-admin mulls rescinding stupid Obamacare physician-owned hospital restrictions; asks for comment



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Bad News: “The disappearing Obamacare insurers” (top tweets)

“The disappearing Obamacare insurers”

“Major Obamacare Insurer Blue Cross Blue Shield Won’t Turn a Profit in 2017”

ACA cheerleaders bogus claim ‘preexisting conditions not covered pre-ACA’ – employers, HIPAA could not deny.

Guaranteed Issue and Community Rating sound like nice ideas, but give individual market indigestion

Unappropriated cost sharing subsidies are unconstitutional.

Couple couldn’t afford $22K ACA premium, had to change plans, lost doctors and hospitals

Less than 3% of docs give Obamacare an ‘A’

Doc: ‘Sorry, you’re not my focus anymore. Now, I’ve got to respond to the federal bureaucracy, not you.’

Medicaid expansion blows $1 billion hole in Oregon state budget, despite robust economy.

Heads up – Medicaid expansionistas plan another veto override attempt in May

“Repealing IPAB Key to Preserving Patient Access to Health Care”

Congress exemption: “Denying special privileges for the political elite is something I hope everyone can agree on”


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Bad News: Iowa Down to One Insurer (top tweets)

“Nearly all Iowa counties are down to a single insurer as Aetna calls it quits”

Wellmark to leave Iowa ACA exchange; 21,400 can’t keep their plans. #ItsNotWorking

Knoxville could be first U.S. city with no Obamacare insurer, if Human exits as announced

Minnesota insurers bleed $687 million, worst year in a decade

Ending Congress’ illegal Obamacare exemption would light a fire under lawmakers to repeal this stupid law.

Editorial page echoes call for ending Congressional Obamacare exemption

Virginia Gov. ‘Tilts-at-Windmills’ McAuliffe loses Medicaid expansion bid for umpteenth time.

Medicaid expansion rejected in Kansas as governor’s veto stands.  Virginia and Kansas – so much for ‘momentum’.

Minnesota joins Alaska and Maine in turning to hi risk pools to handle preexisting conditions

‘Obamacare popular’ poll results premised on false choice in poll question.  #RiggedPolls

As bad as Obamacare premiums are, they would be 19% higher if Congress stopped hiding the true cost.

Thousands of brokers exit Obamacare as commissions dry up.

ACA food labeling rules require 34 MILLION combinations for pizza shops at a cost of $5K/location. #WorthlessInfo

ACA preexisting coverage not working for Chicago family. Costs escalating, networks dwindling. $46K before ins.



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