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 Comparing his signature healthcare law to an exploding cell phone has got to be just about the worst choice of metaphor ever, but the rest of President Obama’s speech defending Obamacare wasn’t any better:

President: Obamacare is exploding! Don’t allow it on planes! Pull it off the market!

President’s Lie #1: ‘20M have health insurance.’ No, a lot more people are on welfare.

President’s Lie #2: ‘ER use down under Medicaid expansion.’ Recent study confirms ER us UP.

President’s Lie #3: ‘Coverage is better.’ Narrow networks, canceled policies, increased deductibles

President’s Lie #4: ‘States can afford Medicaid expansion.’ No, blowing billion-dollar holes in OH, KY budgets

President’s Lie #5: ‘Most plans cost $75/mo.’ No, most people in individual market don’t qualify for subsidies.

President’s Lie #6: ‘Most exchanges working well.’ KY, OR dumped exchanges, others near collapse.

President’s Lie #7: ‘Premium increases are manageable.’ Obama himself admits rates up 50% in some states.

Florida, site of President’s ACA speech: most insurers gone, deductibles up 23%, premiums up 13%

Leaked memo shows Dems’ public brave face on Obamacare a sham; “too expensive”, “disconcerting”

GOP says no to helping President fix his stupid, disastrous healthcare law

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‘Half the Coverage, Twice the Price’ (top tweets from Obamacare Truth Squad)

Let’s continue riffing on Bill Clinton, shall we? The head of the Clinton crime family said people under Obamacare have had their “premiums doubled and their coverage cut in half.” Incredible shrinking coverage and escalating costs – what’s not to like?

Minnesota Governor, former true believer, now says ACA “no longer affordable”, has “serious deficiencies”

#RealPeopleRealPain – patient w/heart condition socked w/huge deductible and premium, insurance worthless

#PremiumPain #67 – “Obamacare premiums jump 16% in Wisconsin”

Bill Clinton is right: the unsubsidized are getting smashed by Obamacare

Most doctors say Obamacare has hurt quality and cost, and must be repealed

#TBT – Gruber: ‘we know for sure the bill will lower [unsubsidized] cost of buying non-group health insurance’

Michelle Malkin: ‘Obamacare just killed my insurance, for the THIRD time’

ACA cheerleaders keep saying plans better now, but those saying plans ‘worse’ outnumber ‘better’ 2-to-1

Insurers moving to teensy weensy narrow networks to ‘fix’ the ACA, but Obamacare is BETTER, right?

Over 1 million Obamacare casualties to lose their plans next year. (Lying is good b/c winning is the only thing.)

Mr. President, thank you for bending the cost curve. Now please bend it back.

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(KY, IL) Even MORE Insurers Flee Obamacare

Baptist Health Plan to halt individual insurance in Kentucky
by Adam Beam, Associated Press Updated 1:05 pm, Monday, October 3, 2016

“Kentucky’s fourth-largest health insurer says it will stop selling individual plans in the state next year, prompting another round of finger-pointing between a pair of feuding governors over the merits of President Obama’s federal health care law.”

“The decision by Baptist Health Plan means about 7,000 people will have to find a new insurance provider next year. And it means nearly half of the state’s 120 counties will have just one company selling plans on the state’s new federally operated health insurance exchange.”

“In a letter to the Kentucky Department of Insurance, Baptist Health Plan President James S. Fritz said blamed the federal Affordable Care Act for making the company’s individual products “unsustainable.” Company spokeswoman Jessica Kearney also blamed “changes in the market,” including the exit of Aetna and the Kentucky Health Cooperative, which folded last year.”


UnitedHealthcare subsidiary Harken to leave ACA state exchange — 6 key notes
Written by Mary Rechtoris | October 03, 2016

“Harken, a UnitedHealthcare subsidiary, is leaving the Affordable Care Act exchange in Illinois next year, according to Chicago Tribune.

Here are six key notes:

1. Other leading payers including Aetna, UnitedHealthcare and Land of Lincoln will also not offer consumers coverage on the state exchange in 2017.

2. Illinois Department of Insurance data found Harken’s exit leaves Cook County residents with three payer options in 2017. Harken had previously stated it would only offer individual exchange plans in Cook County next year in Illinois regions.”

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MN Paper: Time To Shutter MNSure

It’s time for the state of Minnesota to begin the process of shuttering MNsure, the state’s health insurance exchange.”

Ha ha ha ha…!

“But before partisans dance with glee or revolt and rebuke,”


“everyone needs to realize one thing: The problem isn’t just MNsure. Rather, MNsure is one of many complex problems that partisan politicians at the state and federal levels find easier to use as political clubs than work together to solve.”

Oh dear, national socialist health care is one of many “complex problems”.  Whoever could’ve imagined that taking some people’s health care and giving it to others would be so problematic, or cost the people who pay for it all, more?  But good news–it’s fixable, if only…

“And, no, the answer is NOT to scrap the entire Affordable Care Act. It has increased access to coverage and continues to raise awareness of costs. The reality is, though, key parts of if [sic] need to be revamped at the federal level.”

“Until that happens, MNsure is a bad investment for taxpayers and something that will always suck all the political air out of the room. From the $300 million-plus cost to build it to the millions more it costs annually to operate, Minnesotans will be better served by transitioning to the federal exchange while pushing for federal reforms.”

So what does the SCTimes think the problem is?  Get ready for this–a small fraction of our young people didn’t buy into this turkey!  Oh dear, we can’t allow that!  People not buying something they don’t want, that’s a horrible deal for them? The NERVE of those kids!  We need their MONEY!

“Don’t kid yourself. Shuttering MNsure will do very little to stem the skyrocketing prices (and limited choices) consumers experience on the exchange. The fundamental forces driving those conditions are too many consumers with high health-care costs and too few healthy people paying premiums but not needing care.”

“Federal statistics show about 15 percent of adults ages 25-44 do not have insurance. Remember, a key component of the ACA was getting these mostly healthy people to buy in or at least pay a fine through their taxes.”

Okay, they’ve admitted their boondoogle is a trainwreck .  And their solution?  More!  More taxes! More subsidies!  More Grubers!  And most especially, more FORCE!  We gotta continue to CRAM this thing down your throats whether you little people like it or not!!

“Clearly, that’s not working. Perhaps a more stringent penalty is needed or a carrot, not a stick. Regardless, federal lawmakers need to find ways to get more of these people swimming in the pool of insured Americans.”

SCTimes Editorial Board 5:30 p.m. CDT October 7, 2016

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Get Your Bumper Sticker Here

Courtesy of Virginians for Quality Healthcare

Camera-ready – just copy and take it to your printing vendor.

A VERY popular item in Virginia.

Thank you VQH!


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Minnesota Exchange Crumbling: “This is a real emergency situation.”

Obamacare is sinking in the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes

“The state agreed to rate increases that range from an average of 50 percent to as much as 67 percent while also instituting other, extraordinary last-minute measures, said Rothman, who added that changes in state law are still needed to stave off a market collapse.”

“”We all were faced with the prospect that there would be nothing available. Nothing,” Rothman said while announcing the finalized health care premium increases. “Everyone needs to hear the sirens and the red lights.”"

“It’s a dramatic reversal for the state, where just three years ago state officials touted the lowest health insurance rates in the nation as the heart of President Barack Obama’s health care law took hold.”

Nice schadenfreude. Small correction:  ”…as President Barack Obama’s health scarcity law seized hold of American health care’s heart.”  There, OCTS FIFY (fixed it for you). (You’re welcome.)

Minnesota Regulator: Health Insurance Market in Dire Situation
September 30, 2016 08:24 PM

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GREAT NEWS! Minnesota 2017 Obamacare Premiums ONLY Rising 50 Percent!

“Now, I just want to repeat this because there’s so much misinformation about the cost issue here.  You talk to every health care economist out there and they will tell you that whatever ideas are — whatever ideas exist in terms of bending the cost curve and starting to reduce costs for families, businesses, and government, those elements are in this bill.” –President Barack Obama, Dec. 15th, 2009

Comment: OCTS SALUTES the Affordable Care Act for making care so affordable, “bending the cost curve,” and holding rate hikes to a mere 50% a year.  Premiums to citizen: “Can you pay me now?”

“Health insurers are boosting individual market premiums by an average of 50 percent or more next year, increases that regulators say are necessary to save a market that otherwise was on the verge of collapse.”

“The increases were announced Friday by the state Commerce Department, and show premiums will jump even higher than proposed rates that were made public on Sept. 1.”

“At that point, carriers sought increases ranging from 36 percent to 67 percent. But the final average increases will range from 50 percent to 67 percent, depending on the insurer.”

“The changes impact the individual market, where about 5 percent of state residents buy coverage. It’s the portion of the market that includes the state’s MNsure exchange, and has undergone significant changes with the federal Affordable Care Act.”

Health plan premiums to jump more than 50 percent in Minnesota
 Star Tribune
SEPTEMBER 30, 2016 — 12:46PM

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Obamacare Is Dead, Long Live the Single-Prayer(tm) Express-to-Nowhere Train Wreck Ahead!

New York Times: Ailing Obama Health Care Act May Have to Change to Survive

Comment: Now it’s official–Obamacare is a train wreck.  Twisted, rusting wreckage, full of injured people tangled in a web of dishonest government Gruberisms, caught, with their options cut off by government on every side, unable to move.  The economy’s frozen and health care rates are on fire, all thanks to Obamacare.

Shall we clear the wreckage, America, and restore the People’s choices?   Or shall we heap up more of the same, wreck another train on top of this one?  That is the question.

“President Obama’s signature domestic achievement will almost certainly have to change to survive. The two major parties agree that for too many people, health plans in the individual insurance market are still too expensive and inaccessible.”

Ah yes, the solution for takeover and complete failure is…more, more, more!

Ailing Obama Health Care Act May Have to Change to Survive

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UPDATE – Of Insurer Subsidies and Pole-vaulting In

I start tonight with insurer subsidies, move on to some comments about the GOP, and finish up with answers to two rhetorical challenges.

Remember when Nancy Pelosi said, “We’ll go through the gate. If the gate’s closed, we’ll go over the fence. If the fence is too high, we’ll pole vault in. If that doesn’t work, we’ll parachute in,” but we’re going to get Obamacare passed.  The administration is doing some fancy pole-vaulting of its own.

CMS acting chief Andy Slavitt told Congress recently he is working on plans to bail out the insurers.  The first plan is to lobby Congress to extend the risk corridors program and put more money into it.  As designed, the program merely redistributes money from profitable insurers to unprofitable insurers but, as it turned out, so many insurers are unprofitable that they are only getting 13 cents on the dollar of what they expected through risk corridor subsidies.  The second plan is to draw on the government’s Judgment Fund to settle court cases insurers have filed over the low risk corridor payments. Congress appropriates money to settle lawsuits and pay judgments, but the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel and the Congressional Research Service have both warned that the Judgment Fund is not available to subsidize insurers; separate appropriations would be required.  Forty House Republicans warned HHS this week against any and all unlawful attempts to bail out the insurers through the risk corridor program.

The third plan being cooked up is to extend the reinsurance subsidy and forgive the illegal transfer of $5 billion from an Obamacare tax on insurers back to them instead of sending it to the U.S. Treasury as the law required.  The GAO said this week that the diversion of funds is illegal.  Meanwhile, conservative groups are active on Capitol Hill trying to stave off any insurer bailout in the lame duck session.

Moving on to the GOP: I’ve mentioned previously that some Republicans are signaling they are willing to fix Obamacare, not repeal it, if Hillary Clinton is elected. Eight to 10 Republican Senators are ready to do so, according to an email from a senior GOP aide.  Senator Chuck Grassley said the Constitution would require the Senate to work with the new President and the process would be controlled by what Hillary Clinton wanted.  Wrong on both counts, as the override of President Obama’s veto of the Saudi Arabia bill showed this week.  I would ask you to press the importance of full repeal in your discussions with your elected representatives over the next few months.  Repeal Obamacare; don’t try to fix the unfixable.

Now for the rhetorical items.  Our friend Phil Kerpen at American Commitment notes that Obamacare supporters are scapegoating pharmaceutical companies and prescription drug prices for Obamacare’s failures and higher healthcare costs.  So when you hear someone blaming prescription prices for the high cost of healthcare, go right back to Obamacare’s sky-rocketing insurance premiums and over-regulation for the real reasons healthcare costs continue to go up faster than inflation.

Finally, Obamacare was sold on the basis that it would cover preexisting conditions.  ACA supporters have taken to saying, if Obamacare were to be repealed, preexisting condition coverage – which is very popular – would be lost.  A recent story in Forbes reminds us that 36 or so states had hi-risk pools to handle this problem prior to Obamacare.  You can remind people that It didn’t take turning the world upside down and creating 160 new government agencies, like Obamacare did, to address the preexisting condition problem.  State hi-risk pools are a good answer.


O-admin going thru the gate, pole-vaulting, parachuting in to get subsidies for insurers

Justice Dept’s Ofc of Legal Counsel says agencies must seek appropriations to subsidize insurers thru Judgment Fund

CRS warns Judgment Fund not available to subsidize insurers; HHS must seek separate appropriations

40 House Republicans warn O-admin against unlawful insurer bailouts

GAO: diversion to insurers of reinsurance money bound for U.S. Treasury illegal.

Conservative groups are active on Capitol Hill trying to stave off any insurer bailouts in the lame duck session.

Bad news: eight to 10 republican senators ready to cave on Obamacare if Hillary wins.  #RepealObamacareNow

ACA supporters scapegoating prescription drugs for Obamacare’s failures and higher costs

State hi-risk pools, not Obamacare tyranny, the answer to preexisting conditions coverage

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Top Tweets – I Don’t Feel So Good

This first tweet comes from the novel Darkness at Noon about Stalin’s show trials. The quote refers to the messianic but completely clueless apparatchiks of the Soviet Union (remind you of anyone?) –

 “We diagnosed the disease and its causes with microscopic exactness, but wherever we applied the healing knife a new sore appeared.”

#PremiumPain #62 – North Carolina facing 19-25% increases; 90% of state down to 1 insurer

“Health Insurance Premiums Have Continued To Rise Faster Than Worker Wages Under Obamacare”

Most remaining co-ops are in deep financial trouble

Forced migration of sick failed co-op customers now driving deterioration in insurer profitability

Obamacare Ponzi scheme keeps GDP close to 0; no spending money left after hi premiums that cover nothing

“Cyberattacks on personal health records growing ‘exponentially’” (Sure, I’ll send mine to Washington)

Doc: Gov’t government control of healthcare has disastrous effects on cost, quality, and individual well-being.

Medicaid expansion is like crack cocaine – the dealer makes sure the first hit is free.




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