Top Tweets – The Wages of Hubris

State regulators approving big requested rate hikes, despite Pres. Obama’s predictions. @POTUS

Alaska Legislature suit against unilateral Medicaid expansion filed

Another co-op bites the dust. #ObamacareFail #Masterminds #MoreGovernmentPlease #StatistStupidity

IRS warns recipients ‘file your taxes or lose eligibility for tax credits’. #CockamamieBeyondBelief

#ACA’s complexity comes home to roost: only 10% of enrollees able to predict income accurately

Cadillac tax already biting as employers reduce benefits, raise deductibles. #ThisIsBetter?

If you like your FSA, you can’t keep your FSA. Cadillac tax to run over most of them. #BeatUsUpSomeMore

States will eventually have to raise taxes to pay for Medicaid expansion

“Vermont’s $200 Million Obamacare Exchange ‘Hellish’ for Enrollees”

PCORI has spent only 28% of its budget on assessing how to prevent, diagnose or treat diseases.

“Appeals Court Says Obama Can’t Force Little Sisters of the Poor to Obey HHS Mandate” 

Thank you to 2 candidates now committed ending the Congressional exemption to #Obamacare on #DayOne. @ScottWalker & @TedCruz.

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Top Tweets – Incompetence, Evil-Doing, and CrazyTalk

IRS failure to check citizenship status leads to illegal aliens being approved for #Obamacare. 

O-admin has been allowing #ACA subsidies to people who were also receiving employer-sponsored plans.

#FirstPutYourUnderwearOnStraight – Colo mails SSNs, addresses, health info to 3,000 wrong households

Turmoil at Illinois state exchange continues as chief leaves after 5 months

Vermont to pay BCBS $1.6M for state exchange errors. #FirstPutYourUnderwearOnStraight

#CronyAlert: help co. win Medicaid contract as part of official duties, then go to work for the co. Life is good….

Mental health co.s conspire w/social worker to use her provider number to steal millions from Medicaid.

Speech therapy firm owner arrested after bilking Arkansas Medicaid of $55,000

CT dentist charged with overbilling Medicaid; 282 services upcoded or not rendered

 – Krugman says ,“Medicaid is real insurance.” No, it’s welfare, & it doesn’t match outcomes of real ins.

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Obamacare TYRANNY! – IRS to Fine Small Bus. $36,000 Per Employee!

Comment: If you’re a small employer and dare to try to help your employees with their health care–but without providing full-on over-priced Obamacare–under a rule the IRS arbitrarily made up (and which is nowhere in the law), the federal government has announced that it will WIPE. YOU. OUT.  Tyranny.

“Employers with fewer than 50 employees were promised a break by not having to provide group health insurance under the Affordable Care Act.”

“But now the IRS has served notice that under the rule that has been in effect since July 1 such employers are subject to $100 per worker per day excise tax if they help their employees with their health-care costs.”

“That could amount to a staggering $36,500 per worker annual tax.”

“We were told over and over during the Obamacare discussions that if you had less than 50 employees there’s no requirement to provide coverage, so you don’t have to worry about any cost factor,” said Ron Aldridge, Mississippi director for the National Federation of Independent Businesses.

IRS drops a bomb on small employers
Posted by: Jack Weatherly August 13, 2015

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Obamacaid Support Defeats TN Politician

Comment: Support for Obamacare’s ginormous Medicaid expansion was enough to decisively end this politician’s dream for bigger, lamer, more expensive government and worse healthcare that none of us can afford.

“(WBIR – KNOXVILLE) – Republican Jason Zachary defeated fellow Republican Karen Carson on Wednesday to effectively claim the 14th District Tennessee House seat, according to unofficial results from the Knox County Election Commission.”

“During the race, the candidates clearly differentiated themselves on the question of funding for Insure Tennessee, Gov. Haslam’s  proposal to fill a gap in health care coverage among lower income groups [read: customized Obamacaid expansion]. Carson, a pediatric nurse, supported it. Zachary bluntly opposed pursuing such a proposal.”

Zachary prevails in race for 14th District TN House seat
WBIR Staff, WBIR 5:18 a.m. EDT August 13, 2015

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Michael Cannon and Jonathan Adler Were Right

Proof That SCOTUS Got Subsidies Case Wrong

Comment: The Cato institute’s Michael Cannon and Case Western University’s Prof. Jonathan Adler made waves when they pointed out that Obamacare’s language did not permit payment of its premium welfare subsidies (“tax credits”) on the federal government’s Obamacare exchange.  As laid out in Supreme Court arguments and on these pages, the Obamacare ‘law’ specifically limited its premium welfare subsidies to state-made exchanges,  intentionally excluding the federal government’s because the subsidies were meant as the critical incentive for states to create their own exchanges.

As proof that the Administration desperately wanted states to create exchanges one only need examine the history of HHS Sec. Sebelius’ arm-twisting jihad of 2013, plying and pleading with unimpressed governors across the United States. As evidence of the need for a positive incentive for states to create these exchanges, one only need note that even with the premium welfare subsidy inducement, few states bothered to do so.

And if one ever needed proof that those subsidies were always intended (and essential) as an inducement for states to create their own Obamacare exchanges, one need only observe that now that the Supreme Court has arbitrarily decided to expand those subsidies, states that had exchanges are dropping them, and states that were considering exchanges are abandoning their plans.

Michael Cannon was right, and SCOTUS was wrong.

DOVER, Del. (AP) — “Delaware officials have decided not to develop the state’s own health insurance exchange under the Affordable Care Act and instead will keep the current federal partnership model.”

“Delaware was granted approval in June to develop a state-based health insurance marketplace, but Health and Social Services Secretary Rita Landgraf told the Delaware Health Care Commission the state will not move forward with the plan.”

[...] “Delaware officials had considered a state-based exchange amid uncertainty about whether the U.S. Supreme Court would uphold government insurance subsidies for millions of people, including more than 85 percent of the roughly 24,000 Delawareans with active coverage under the health care law.”

The court’s ruling upholding the subsidies in all states — not just those operating their own exchanges — was a major factor in deciding to keep Delaware’s partnership model, Landgraf said.

Delaware decides against state health insurance exchange
By RANDALL CHASE, Associated Press
Thursday, August 6, 2015

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Top Tweets – A Week in the Healthcare Wars

“More than two-thirds of #Obamacare enrollees unsatisfied with coverage: survey”

IG scathing report: gov’t failing to effectively screen exchange plan applicants for citizenship or jail status

‘O-admin Urges States to Cut Health Insurers’ Requests for Big Rate Increases’ (defies the laws of economics)

#Obamacare NOT saving money; people who are insured consume MORE medical services, not less.

#KeepYourPlan – 367,000 Texans tossed off plans after $400M in losses has BCBS looking for the exit

Reinsurance, Risk Adjustment, and Risk Corridors might reduce losses but not make them sustainable or survivable

Gaming #Obamacare: understate your income, get a big subsidy, avoid paying most of it back because of cap in the law

Price tag for Mass exchange meltdown: $1B. State officials failed to track progress, lied to feds and the public

Candidate effectively wins TN House seat on ‘no Medicaid expansion’ platform (Tea Party defeats Guv’s tricks)

#FaceOfTyranny – O-admin threatens Alabama w/loss of Medicaid after state defunds Planned Parenthood

Noncompliant plan + penalty makes sense. (#ACA depends on our cooperation to succeed. You don’t have to play ball.)

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Co-Ops Flop-Out

Comment: Like all things Obamacare, co-ops–one of Obamacare’s taxpayer-supported brainchilds–are in tatters around the country, and Kentucky is home to the worst.

“KENTUCKY (8/8/15) — A federal audit of the non-profit health insurance companies formed under federal health reform found that at the end of 2014, all but one were operating at a loss, and the Kentucky Health Cooperative had the greatest loss, $50.4 million, but the lowest administrative costs.”

And why do they say they lost money?  Because they had too many customers!!!!  (If the federal government took over the Sahara Desert, in two weeks they’d run out of sand!) (With apologies to the late Milton Friedman)

“The co-op chair and spokeswoman blamed the loss on an enrollment that was 183 percent higher than expected in 2014, its first year of operation. As of Dec. 31, its enrollment was 56,680; it had projected to enroll 30,929 by that date. The co-op sold three-fourths of the federally subsidized insurance policies sold on Kynect, the state health-insurance exchange.”

Enjoy the schadenfreude, you’re paying for it!

“The Kentucky Health Cooperative has received $146,494,772 in federal funding. It received its last installment of $65 million November 2014 to keep it afloat just days before the second open-enrollment period began.”

Kentucky Health Insurance Co-op Lost $50.4 Million, Most in U.S.
08 August 2015 SurfKY News

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RATE SHOCK Season III – 34.6% Hikes in North Carolina

Comment: As insurers’ Obamacare bailouts end–and as they are finally able to tally their actual, real-life cost of providing bloated Obamacare policies–the cruel Orwellian irony of calling 2010′s Act of bloated government medicine “the Affordable Care Act” becomes inescapable.

As Obamacare is exposed as less and less affordable, the drama reminds the Truth Squad of that famous “Can you hear me now?” cell-phone commercial, but with a twist… (2014) “Can you afford Obamacare now?” … (2016) “Okay, how about now?”

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina said Thursday that it now seeks an average 34.6 percent higher premium for insurance sold under President Barack Obama’s health insurance overhaul law. The company said in June that it wanted to raise rates by an average of almost 26 percent starting in January, compared with this year’s allowed 13.5 percent increase.”

[...] “Our claims and expenses are higher than our premiums and we need to take steps now to protect the sustainability of plans for our customer over the long-term,” Getzen said.

Blue Cross raises rate hike sought on Affordable Care plans
By EMERY P. DALESIO and EMILY MASTERS, Associated Press, August 6, 2015

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RATE SHOCK Season III – Delaware’s Largest Insurer Hikes 25.4 Percent!

Comment: Can you afford me now?

“In Delaware, Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield has filed for an average rate increase of 25.4 percent for 2016 ACA individual plans. The specific rate increase would vary by plan, ranging from 19.6 percent to 29.2 percent.”

“Aetna Health Inc. and Aetna Life Insurance Co. are seeking to raise average premium rates for individual plans by more than 16 percent.”

Delaware decides against state health insurance exchange
By RANDALL CHASE, Associated Press
August 6, 2015

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Top Tweets

39 Indiana public school districts continue 10th Amendment suit against employer mandate

CMS secretly paid out $1.3 billion in improper hospital claims

#Obamacare’s Victims: Real people, real pain – ”I’d like to work more than 30 hours, but Obamacare says I can’t. That’s absurd.”

FDA punts #ACA calorie count rules until after 2016 election (No! The #ACA is great and I want it all NOW!)

Oregon regulators ordering money-losing insurers to raise premiums

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